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Printed Books

 Ranger Nick Boy from the Bush - You should be walking with me when I am walking by myself - Camp Oven Cookbook

Boy from the Bush - You should be walking with me when I am walking by myself

Not your ordinary cookbook, but rather a recipe book with a twist. In his own unique style, Ranger Nick shares some of his famous camp oven recipes together with a few hilarious tales. A great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Signed copy.

Book (spiral bound) by Ranger Nick


Ranger Nick Boy from the Bush - Soul Food for the non-carnivorous biped - Camp Oven Recipe Book
Boy from the Bush - Soul Food for the non-carnivorous biped

A cookbook to feed the soul in more then one way, a must have for the health conscious and light hearted. In a colloquial language, Ranger Nick shares some of his delicious non-carnivorous camp oven recipes together with a few humorous tales and bush poetry. Entertaining, easy and delicious!

Book (spiral bound) by Ranger Nick


J. Reuben Silverbird - My Life in Two Worlds - hardcover book

My Life in Two Worlds
A unique insight into the life of a Nedhni Apache/Cherokee Native of America, living in a white world. A historically educational and enlightening story, evaluating the approach towards inner concepts of nature, spirit, respect, love and peace.

Silverbird comments on the true meaning of spiritualism, outer-body experience, extra sensory perception, mysticism of shamanism, and explains the Purification Ceremony (Sweat Lodge) - a sacred Native Ritual abused by many white would be gurus.

The book will touch you with his heartwarming stories about his mother and father - it will make you laugh, weep and awaken you.

Book (hard copy) by J. Reuben Silverbird


David Cash - A Day of Difference - Photographic Coffee Table Book
A Day of Difference

One day, one man, one camera! 20.03.2003

A unique spin on dates and numbers - once a year for 12 consecutive years, photographer David Cash took images of locations and events he was present at, adding information on historical events relating to that specific day and dating back to year 810.

The 2003 coffee table book features images from the Gold Coast and Hinterland.

This is a limited edition collectors item!

Book (paperback) by David Cash


Bev Oliver - In Step with the Universe - Paperback

In Step with the Universe
An easy read self help book for a lighter and happier life, simple and transformative. Includes audio CD.

Book (paperback) by Bev Oliver


Brandon Bays - Consciousness The New Currency
The New Currency
A new paradigm for manifesting conscious abundance, lasting fulfillment, and a sustainable future.

Book (paperback) by Brandon Bays & Kevin Billett


Elaine Hollingsworth - Take Control of your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry
Take Control of your Life
and Escape the Sickness Industry
A no-holds-barred book that exposes the lies the food industry and drug manufacturing giants have been telling us for years, and what you can do to lead an improved and healthier life!

Millions of people are suffering needlessly as a direct result of the food industry and drug manufacturers unconscionable zeal to earn hundreds of billions of dollars, aided and abetted by scientists who have been paid handsomely to fudge, even falsify, test results.

This book is inspiring people all over the world to join the crusade against the multinational pharmaceutical giants, and gives everyone a blueprint for overcoming illnesses naturally.

Book (paperback) by Elaine Hollingsworth


DVD's and CD's

DVD's, Music CD's, Audio CD's

 Ranger Nick Bush Cook - Getting Started DVD
Ranger Nick Bush Cook - Getting Started!
A guide to successful camp oven cooking
Serious about wanting to learn camp oven cooking? Here's a dinkum guide to basic camp oven cooking techniques. Ranger Nick, the "Master of Keeping it Simple" shares proven tips, tools and tactics with an open invitation to anyone wanting to learn the art of camp oven cooking, but can't get started.

DVD by Ranger Nick


J. Reuben Silverbird - Ageless Love Music CD
Ageless Love

Original contemporary music composition.

CD by J. Reuben Silverbird


J. Reuben Silverbird - Indian Circle Music CD

Indian Circle
Native American music composition with drums, guitar, flute and vocals.

CD by J. Reuben Silverbird


David Hudson - Primal Elegance Music CD
Primal Elegance
The first in the Primal Elegance series features an outstanding array of guest performance. The musicianship of cellist Christine Jackson from London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is featured on several tracks, highlighting a wondrous interplay of culture and sound.

CD by David Hudson

David Hudson - Ooramin The Meditative Didgeridoo Music CD
The Meditative Didgeridoo
This album features the traditional meditative qualities of didgeridoo played by one of the worlds leading exponents. The sparse spiritual sounds make this an ideal album to enhance meditation or personal relaxation.

CD by David Hudson


David Hudson - Dream Road Music CD
Dream Road
Australia's voice of Outback Country
Features a totally new side of talents of David Hudson. Known around the world for his didgeridoo recordings, using his vocal powers David has turned his love of roots and country music into an exciting album of original songs penned in collaboration with award winning songwriter Mark Mannock and produced by world renowned producer Nigel Pegrum.

Highlights include a stunning duet between David and Shane Howard performing Shane's Australian classic "Solid Rock" and guest appearance by Fame legend Irene Cara from the USA.

CD by David Hudson


Elaine Hollingsworth - One Answer to Cancer DVD

One Answer to Cancer

The information on this DVD could save your life and that of countless others. It is the story of two cancer salves, one that cures and one that can kill.

DVD by Elaine Hollingsworth


Bobby Runningfox - Newborn Music CD
Native American songs & music with an infusion of drums, flutes and guitar.

CD by Bobby Runningfox


Bobby Runningfox - Dreamkeeper Music CD
Original Native American music composition with a mix of pan flute and guitar.

CD by Bobby Runningfox


Bobby Runningfox - How to prevent Dementia & Alzheimers Audio CD
How to prevent Dementia & Alzheimers
Audio CD by Bobby Runningfox



Miscellaneous items, gift vouchers

Ranger Nick Cast Iron Camp Oven

Ranger Nick Cast Iron Camp Oven

A good quality camp oven designed by Ranger Nick with special features not commonly seen in other brands of camp ovens. 

The advantage of the Cast Iron Camp Oven is that it conducts and holds the heat longer with a constant distribution, which results in smooth and even cooking. It also produces a more unique flavour as it ages.

Available in two sizes, 2qt and 9qt.

by Ranger Nick

2 qt - $49.50

9qt - $149.50

Gematria - personalised Ancient Egyptian Numerology Chart
Gematria - Egyptian Numerology Report
Your personal chart will give you insights and disclose more about your connections with the Universe and other people on multi levels.

by Jutta Swan

Date of birth
Name per birth certificate

Native American Medicine Man Tea by Bobby Runningfox
Medicine Man Tea
Lung and Lymphatic Cleanse Herbal Tea. Native American recipe. Successful in treating asthma, skin problems and aging. 250g - makes 40l

by Bobby Runningfox


Synchrodice - Astrological Dice Set
Synchrodice Astrological Dice Set
Divine your own reality
Use Synchrodice in order to help you make decisions, determine which direction to take or to work out what is really going on in “your reality”.

By Evan Maher


Eyesberg Enterprises Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher
Gift Certificate available to any amount. Redeemable for any presenter products at the Eyesberg Enterprises online store, events or accommodation deals organised by Eyesberg Enterprises.

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