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GEMATRIA - Ancient Egyptian Numerology

Gematria Ancient Egyptian Numerology

Ever wanted to learn Numerology - here is your chance!


What is Gematria?

Gematria is a science and art to reveal the deeper meaning in life, a spiritual psychology of the soul, showing your connections to the Universe and other people on multi levels.
Numerology is not designed to foretell our future, but is a tool to create awareness of our strengths and weaknesses, pointing out how we approach the various aspects of our life journey and achieve our highest potential.

How will Numerology benefit YOU?

Egyptians believe that our being is represented by eight different aspects, each reflecting qualities we were born with,the lessons to learn in this lifetime and the highest potential of fulfilling our destiny. 

Gematria is suitable for those who want a deeper meaning in their life, where ordinary life no longer services the Spirit and Joy department.
It is allowing many insights as it awaken further the Consciousness, the Spirit and the Soul. Applying the knowledge through our intelligence will assist in expanding and transforming, revealing the higher levels we can reach in this lifetime. Through this deeper understanding of the Psyche we can understand the purposes and lessons we each have to experience.

What will you learn in this full day workshop?

Gematria - Ancient Egyptian Numerology Chart
  • How to create your personal Gematria Report using your date of birth and your name given by your parents
  • Look at the eight aspects of your being comprised of personality, mind, body, spirit, soul, at heart, consciousness and life force
  • How to create your personal colour chart incorporating your personality, psyche and potential of each aspect
  • How to read a chart
  • Look at your life sectioned into years
  • Partner compatibility

What other people are saying about the workshop:

"Jutta Swan presented a unique and most intriguing workshop which, in my opinion, accurately described the essence of oneself through a structured calculation of numbers . Each number effectively blended with a spectrum of colour gave a remarkably accurate definition of one's highest potential and life purpose.The intimate group of people who attended the 'Gematria' workshop greatly appreciated the knowledge given of this ancient science. I would recommend this course to those who wish to explore their spiritual horizons. " - Ingrid S.
"Thank you for the profound and informative information that you gave to all who attended the  "Introduction to GEMATRIA" Workshop on Saturday 28th September.
Jutta, I found your teaching style very easy to follow , well paced, very well prepared and delivered. Your knowledge of the subject is quite remarkable. I can understand how training in the knowledge, science and art of GEMATRIA  can enhance personal and business outcomes. Please let me know when you are facilitating more of these workshops. I would love to see your work in the corporate arena for managers and teams. I am very happy to personally recommend you and your workshop to those interested in attending." - Cheryl S.
"The Gematria Intro Workshop was interesting, fun and exciting - the calculations, learning more about myself and also confirmation about certain patterns that occurred throughout my life. Thank you also for your teaching style as the instructions were easy to follow and the handout sheets provided much understanding." Karen B. 
"Thank you for the insight into such a wonderful life tool! I am now basking in the glow of a wonderful future." Jan M.
"Thank you Jutta for everything today. An absolute awesome experience. Forever in my heart what you showed me. Thanks again." John K.

When and where?

This is an all materials supplied, hands on workshop on the Gold Coast, facilitated by Jutta Swan. Tea, coffee and light lunch provided.
Date:                      22 July 2017
Time:                      10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Location:               Casino NSW 2470

venue TBA
Investment:         $99.00 per person or $150.00 per couple
Gematria - Ancient Egyptian Numerology
satisfaction guarantee
If you are not satisfied once you have completed the workshop and feel you did not receive any value or benefits, please approach the facilitator at the end of the program and state "Sorry, I don't think this workshop is for me, I would like my money back", and we will organise a refund for you.

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