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J Reuben Silverbird

J. Reuben Silverbird      upcoming events    book facilitator

Raised in New Mexico/ Arizona, Reuben's mother was a Cherokee medicine woman and his father was a Nedhni Apache spiritual wise man. Both possessed beautiful singing voices and incredible instrumental musical abilities. Growing up in this unique spiritual and musical world has influenced and molded the Love, Respect, Spirituality and Music that Reuben Silverbird practices today. He has appeared on Stage, Film and TV in the USA, Europe and Asia. He is regularly invited by leading universities and performs ceremonial blessings at the Nobel Prize Institute in Norway.
Reuben travels to the Four Corners of Mother Earth with The Universal Peace Federation. He is attached to the United Nations as an NGO, (Non-Governmental Organization); he is only one of the countless men and women Ambassadors who speak on behalf of "Love and Peace throughout the world today." Reuben is joining spiritual leaders from all over the world, bringing his captivating stories, wisdom and music to millions. He combines native American wisdom and traditions with modern day living, showing how to encourage world peace and sustainable living by honouring ourselves, each other and mother earth. Reuben appeals to young and old, regardless of  cultural background or religious beliefs, addressing fundamental values of spirituality with a vision to have a world of all peoples united.

Ranger Nick Ranger Nick     upcoming events Ranger Nick     Book Ranger Nick

A true Aussie bushman, Celebrity Chef Ranger Nick is a genius when it comes to mouthwatering bush cooking. When he is not passing on his knowledge of the great outdoors, he is cooking up a storm and creating delicious hearty meals with simple ingredients and no fuss cooking methods.
Ranger Nick is a big fan of keeping it simple and travels all over the country, teaching how to whip up some tasty treats. He is putting his skills to use to show you the true Aussie art of producing a cracker of a meal with whatever is in the tucker box.
Attracting people from all walks of live, his cooking workshops fill up wherever he goes. Appearing on radio and TV, Ranger Nick is well known for his sense of humour, which he weaves into his cooking demonstrations, putting fun and enjoyment into the outdoor "kitchen".

David Cash

David Cash       upcoming events      book David Cash

Photographer and author David Cash grew up in Cootamundra, a small country town in New South Wales which offered a lot of opportunities to explore nature's diversity.  He was influenced by his artistic mother at an early age and was fully supported by his parents in his creative interests.
David traveled extensively within Australia and New Zealand, engaging more and more in his photographic interests. His goal to become a professional photographer became reality several years ago and has earned him articles and interviews in regional newspapers and magazines. His talent was recognised in the Gold Coast Art & Design Awards 2004 and encouraged him to continue exhibiting his photographs. 
With his incredible eye for beauty, David combines his two greatest passions, photography and nature, resulting in amazing images capturing the magic of the moment. His unique style and artistic flair is assisting him in his aim to impact on the way we view the world we live in.
David's mission is to preserve nature and create a better world for future generations through his series of books and photographs.
Patrick Mac

Patrick Mac       upcoming events      book Patrick Mac

Australian born Patrick Mac is a highly regarded educator, entertainer and entrepreneur, capturing his audience and challenging them to think outside the box.
His research and knowledge of historical events and data makes him an adept in linking the past, present and future. Hot topics include alternative energy, quantum physics, media & predictions, sacred geometry, education, economics and politics. He is a master in deciphering occult "Anglish" language and highlighting the significance of world events.
A Truth Seeker, Patrick's "playshops" keep selling out across the country, offering eye opening cutting edge information and solutions.
His unique presentation style has earned him the title of "Edutainer", sparking new viewpoints and evoking the true spirit in people.
David Hudson

David Dahwurr Hudson             

David Hudson is an internationally renowned musician, artist, entertainer, presenter, actor, co-producer, consultant, educator, mentor and bush craftsman.

Referred to as Australia’s Cultural Journey Man, David Hudson has a unique presentation of both music and speaking which he delivers to a corporate, incentive and convention market. An outstanding Indigenous Entertainer and motivational speaker, tandalized with a wicked sense of humour, he delivers a very global message of cross cultural awareness in speech and music and is inspired by all the natural elements of his environment

A highly accomplished performer, David has toured the world with Yanni (Greek composer) for many years. He has performed at the Taj Mahal and the Forbidden City, acted alongside Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer in The Island of Doctor Moreau and has won a TV Logie Award for Presenter for My Place, My Land, My People.

He comes from the Ewamian (oo-rah-min)/Western Yalanji (people of the north east coast of Australia) and his life reflects his love and belief in Aboriginal culture. David Hudson is the co-founder, choreographer of Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park and was the Creative Director and then General Manager in recent years. He is well known around the world for his music and has released over 27 albums which range in their medium from the traditional right through to the classical arena.
Elaine Hollingsworth

Elaine Hollingsworth      upcoming events      

Elaine is the best selling author/publisher of “Take Control of your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry”.
The former Hollywood film actress, better known in the 50's and 60's under her professional name of Sara Shane, has embarked on a lifelong campaign to expose the dangers and failings of the so-called health industry and the manipulation and dishonesty of the food and drug manufacturers. Her crusade of a formidable campaigner against the deceit and manipulation of the "Sickness Industry" began approximately 50 years ago.
Vivacious and energetic Elaine is living proof that her program works. Elaine is a director of Hippocrates Health Centre where she lectures on health issues and continues her research into natural ways of maintaining good health.
Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini      upcoming events

Dr John Demartini is a world leading inspirational speaker and author at the forefront of the burgeoning personal and professional development industry. His scope of knowledge and experience is a culmination of 34 years of research and studies of more than 28,000 texts into over 200 different disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, theology, neurology and physiology.
Dr Demartini speaks 300 days a year in over fifty countries across the globe and is the author of over forty books. Derived from a study of Quantum Physics, John developed a self help methodology ‘The Demartini Method ®’ which is now being studied in a number of Universities and presented to psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, health professionals and prison workers all over the world.
One of John's powerful life changing phrases include "In truth, there is nothing but love, all else is illusion". 

Rick OttonRick Otton      upcoming events

Rick Otton is a property entrepreneur and the original pioneer of creative property strategies, founder and CEO of We Buy Houses. He is an internationally recognised property investor and mentor, sharing his vision to transform how people buy and sell property, to empower where the traditional real estate system has failed.
For over 25 years Rick Otton has been assisting others to grow property portfolios without harvesting a lot of debt for which they are liable. In an environment where home-loans were practically abolished, Rick created an innovative number of systems which allowed people to buy and sell houses without relying on the banks. 
He is now specialising in helping investors create positive cash flow from residential real estate, using Positive Cash Flow and No Money Down property strategies.

Jain Jain      upcoming events

Jain has enjoyed a lifetime involvement with the Fibonacci Sequence and the 5 Platonic Solids which taps into the highly visual hemisphere of the Right Brain. His work with Rapid Mental Calculation, sometimes known as "Vedic Mathematics" a 2,500 year old Indian system of Mental Arithmetic empowers students to perform mental calculations often quicker than a calculator.
For over 25 years, Jain has been devoted to the collection and theatrical education of Magic Squares, Magic Cubes and the Golden Ratio (PHI). With Jain you will explore ancient hidden mysteries and discover how our human body is in resonance with the Living Mathematics of Nature. You will find out about secret codes concealed in the Gayatri Mantra, the most famous Eastern prayer for Enlightenment. He will help you discover Sacred Geometry; Math’s as Art, Math’s as Science and Math’s as History. Sacred Geometry is relevant to many disciplines such as Architecture, Engineering, Art, Design, Science Healing, Nutrition, and of course, Mathematics. He believes that only when Knoweldge is shared, freely, does it have true value. 
Jain's mission is to excite all children of the world about the wonder and beauty of mathematics and to supplement the existing planetary school mathematics with a higher visual and geometric content.
Peter Crisp

Peter Crisp      upcoming events      book Peter Crisp

Peter Crisp is an author, public speaker, powerful motivational presenter, trainer and business coach. He holds a Masters degree in Property Studies from Lincoln University and is an expert in real estate consulting and management, running successful Real Estate Investment Coaching programs worldwide.
As an international real estate trainer and business expert, he covers a range of topics from Business to Real Estate, breaking down the complexity of the business into simple and easy to understand concepts, de-mystifying the success process.
One of his signature programs is the popular ‘How to increase business profits without spending a cent’ program, revealing low cost but high value marketing strategies.
Peter's passion is to help others share knowledge, connections, and expertise, and mentor those who are serious about taking charge of their own destinies, achieving wealth, gaining financial freedom, experiencing dynamic health, and reaching high levels of overall emotional well-being.
Phillip Day

Phillip Day    upcoming events

Health Author Phillip Day was born in England and his research career began after he became interested in wars between the realms of health and politics over issues that were being deliberately withheld or misreported to the public.
His research into AIDS and cancer, as 2 examples of the medical establishment’s entrenched scientific error and brazen profiteering to society’s great cost, has culminated in 2 books that have captured the public’s imagination around the world: Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth and World Without AIDS. Phillip’s latest book, Health Wars, deals with a whole spectrum of diseases, including cancer and heart disease, the causes and pathology of which make them simple and relatively straight-forward to combat. This information, deliberately not promoted by the medical establishment, forms the basis of the research and promotional work in which Phillip’s research and investigational units are engaged.
Phillip Day heads up the publishing and research organization Credence, located in Kent, England, which draws on the work provided by researchers all over the world. Credence’s intention is to work with concerned establishments and organizations to resolve these life-threatening issues and to provide the necessary information for citizens to make their own informed choices in these vital matters.

Brandon Bays Brandon Bays       upcoming events      book Brandon Bays

Brandon Bays is probably the most dynamic and innovative teacher in the field of mind?body healing today. Brandon is known for her warmth‚ caring and spontaneous humour. Her work is inspirational and joyous‚ with a profound wisdom and a depth of knowledge born of an exceptional background in the field.

Over the last 20 years. Brandon has become highly trained in all types of personal development‚ always at the cutting edge of mind?body healing.

Her expertise includes Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI)‚ Neuro?Linguistic Programming (NLP)‚ Neuro?Associative Conditioning (NAC)‚ acupressure‚ kinesiology‚ iridology and nutrition‚ among many others.

In 1992 Brandon was diagnosed with a tumour which healed in only six and a half weeks without drugs or surgery. From her personal experience she pioneered a unique process called The Journey‚ which helps people to experience profound emotional and physical healing at a cellular level.

The Journey Intensive is now recognised internationally as one of the most powerful healing processes available.
Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae     upcoming events

Kerwin Rae is a Businessman, coach, mentor, author and International speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of influence for well over 10 years and is considered an expert of human behavior and how it relates to sales, marketing and personal transformation.
He has addressed and worked with all levels of business from corporate entities to national and international franchise groups through to the small to medium size business owners.
He has also worked with high school, university students and the general public. He is the author of "The Entrepreneurial Apprentice training system and co author of one the best selling series "Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed". Kerwin has been a regular on Talk Back Radio in Australia and is teaching through workshops and seminars nationally and internationally.
Kevin Billett

Kevin Billett      upcoming events      book Kevin Billett

UK-born Kevin Billett has been leading consciousness-based workshops and retreats in many countries, letting people strip away their limiting and painful conditioned responses to life, and allowing them to discover the authentic greatness, genius and fulfillment that naturally lies within.
Kevin’s main current focus is on bringing the power of this transformation to corporations and organisations, by developing and fostering a new paradigm of Visionary Leadership. His organisation brings cutting-edge personal growth techniques to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. He also presents JourneyMan and Conscious Communication workshops.

Shivaya Reo Shivaya Reo      upcoming events

Shivaya is an international executive life coach and public speaker who specialises in helping people to find their true passion and purpose. Over a lifetime dedicated to the discovery of what works when it comes to restoring natural health and happiness, she has developed a unique skill that draws on many recognised personal development and therapeutic techniques, without being limited to any of them.  Shivaya is the creator of the very successful Neural Pathway Rewiring (NPR) strategy which is an advanced process incorporating several proven techniques for transforming mindsets permanently and fast.
Skill, intuition and passion together empower Shivaya to achieve exceptional results for people seeking to fast track improvements in their lives. Her approach reignites the fire of purpose and passion that is fundamental for health, happiness and success in all areas of life.
Where traditional techniques chip away at issues over months and years, Shivaya leads people to fast, empowering resolutions.

Bev OliverBev Oliver       upcoming events      book Bev Oliver

Bev is a qualified telephone counsellor and spent many years understanding emotional well being. She has focused her energy and commitment to connecting to feeling happiness, love and fulfillment in her own heart, and so to be able to teach and offer the experience to others in a simple, effective and gentle way.
Many people are not aware, that when they require guidance for a particular situation, or area of their life, how to access information from their higher intelligence or intuition that is available 24/7 to guide, protect and prosper them. This can cause limitations, frustrations in many areas, especially relationships and finances. However, circumstances can start to change, in some cases almost instantly when you are willing to Ask the Question, let go of any attachment to the outcome and are open to Receiving.
Bev is the author of "In Step with the Universe" and the "Feeling Great" series.

Dr Dzung PriceDr Dzung Price       upcoming events      book Dr Dzung Price

Dr Dzung Price is a holistic integrative medical doctor, widely trained in Nutrition and Environmental Medicine, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Bio-energetic Medicine and Homotoxicology. Using a comprehensive array of healing modalities, cutting edge medical technology and self empowerment solutions, Dzung and her talented team work to address the root causes of disease and create wellbeing in mind, body and spirit at her two Renew You Centres in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Dzung is passionate about empowering people with precise knowledge and tools to tap into the healer within so that they are able to restore and maintain optimal health long term for themselves and their loved ones.  Dzung is a practitioner, author, lecturer to complementary health practitioners, speaker and workshop presenter.
Dzung is well known for her groundbreaking work in the field of allergy medicine, nutrition and fast detoxifying strategies. She is the author of “Your Allergy Free Child”, “7 Day Detox Guide” and “Younger, Healthier Skin at Any Age”. She is the cofounder of CHI Health Innovations, a company devoted to the provision of bio-energized natural health products imbued with CHI technology for accelerated results in wellbeing and beauty.

Bojan SchianetzBojan Schianetz      upcoming events      book Bojan Schianetz

Bojan Schianetz is one of the world’s leading experts on the advanced use of intuitive and transformative energy healing of businesses and socially-conscious individuals. He is also known as “The Intuitive Creator” and is the founder of the Accelerated Creation System.

Bojan is an author, public speaker, trainer, mentor and intuitive researcher in the fields of energy medicine and ancient self-empowerment practices. As an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Renew You Health Centres and the Chi Health Innovation Company, he developed numerous bio-energised health products and advanced healing systems. As an environmental engineer, naturopath, intuitive expert and mentor, he has assisted thousands of individuals and businesses in over fifteen countries to achieve accelerated results. Bojan’s clients include executives, celebrities, families and people who want to live an empowered, fully-present, healthy and effortless life rich in experience and abundance.

The true spirit of Bojan’s work lies in intuitively reading the energy patterns and hidden messages behind individuals’ problems and diseases. This understanding allows him to resolve deep, underlying conflicts, negative patterns, and limiting beliefs. As a result, his clients are able to connect with their higher selves, becoming alive and more intimately present to themselves.

Bobby RunningfoxBobby Runningfox       upcoming events      book Bobby Runningfox

Born in California, Cherokee medicine man Bobby Runningfox is an intuitive healer with an amazing accuracy, and has helped people all over the world on a physical, emotional and psychological level. On his Native American journey, Bobby was guided by his grandmother and uncle, both powerful medicine people, who greatly influenced his life path.
Connected to spirit, Bobby teaches people to live in the moment, heal the past and not to worry about the future, how to bring harmony to themselves and others around them. His journey now is to awaken those beings that want to see. Heal those who really want to learn to heal themselves. Love those who allow themselves to be loved. People come from far and wide to attend his enlightening workshops, taking home some of the incredible knowledge Bobby Runningfox has to share.

Marylin HillierMarilyn Hillier       upcoming events      book Marylin Hillier

Marilyn Hillier is the president of the Gold Coast Astrology Society and regularly contributes in magazine publications. She advises individuals and businesses alike on major events, decisions and possibilities, taking planetary constellations into account to achieve the required outcome. 
Marylin is a sought after lecturer and also teaches various levels of Astrology throughout Australia. She is actively engaged in a number of organisations and shares her knowledge and passion to make a difference in our world, assisting and empowering others to do the same.
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