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Dr John Demartini - The Breakthrough Experience
Dr John Demartini
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We are a by product of social conditioning, where a minefield of limiting beliefs and restrictive thought patterns lay hidden deep within the psyche of humanity. The Breakthrough Experience addresses the root causes of the problem, and gives you a profound tool that you can use yourself to breakthrough at will.
The Breakthrough Experience is about clarifying your direction and the most important goals you would love to achieve now and in the future. The outcome is that you unfold a more meaningful, inspired and purposeful life. It will help you answer your deepest questions about life and teach you how to transform challenges into opportunities and expanded awareness and awaken to your full potential in all areas of life.
September 2016
October 2016
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Rick Otton - How to buy a house for 1 dollar
Rick Otton
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If you are serious about making money in property,
this may be the most important event presented by Rick Otton, where he is sharing his powerful real estate investing formulas.

You will discover:

- How you can buy property without a bank loan
- How to turn a negative geared property to positive cash flow
- Create stepping stones to help everyday people get into home ownership
- Profit from renovations without lifting a finger
- The #1 way to find 10 times more buyers if you ever need to sell your property
- Why you never need to stress about interest rates or economy again
- Watch a demonstration as Rick purchases a house for $1 from a real seller
- The top 5 strategies for creating a passive income stream from property
- Have your property problems SOLVED in the room
Dates TBA
Sydney/ Melbourne/
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Kerwin Rae
Kerwin Rae
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Recognised as the leader in business growth, Kerwin Rae will be profiling his clients success stories and sharing with you how they did it.
You will discover the 5 Key Growths Strategies to easily double your business in
5 - 9 months.
Join Kerwin at the Fast Growths Business Summit to learn the exact strategies to get more sales, drive more traffic, increase conversions, have the 10x mindset, persuasive leadership and laser focus planning. With these 5 criteria you will achieve the Fast Growth Formula.
April 2016
Auckland/ Sydney/ Perth/ Melbourne/ Brisbane/ Townsville

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