More than meets the Eye

facilitated by Patrick Mac

Patrick Mac - Through the Eyes of a ChildOne of Australia's most controversial speakers, Patrick Mac, will take you on a journey that will change your view forever.
In 4 hours sessions, Patrick is presenting his theory of How, Why, Where and When all things connect - which he calls "The Link" - the harmonic codes that are expressed through signs, symbols, sounds, colours, numbers etc. The first public release of his "Hidden codes of the Anglish Language - and how they effect YOU" will be a groundbreaking event not to be missed.
Looking at world events from the past, present and into the future, Patrick will touch on their effects on humanity, Australia and us as individuals.
Topics covered are:
* Sacred Geometry
* Religion
* Economic Collapse
* Bio-Terrorism
* Media
* Harmonics
* Alternative Energy
* Politics
* Astrology
* Quantum Physics
* Secret Societies
* Mandatory Vaccinations
* Education
* Military
* UFO's
* Predictions leading to 2012

Not only will Patrick explain and link these topics, but he will also advise WHAT can be DONE about it. Special attention is given to Australian events and the dot connections between...

* Azaria Chamberlain 
* Martin Bryant  
* Floods and weather events 
* Harold Holt dissapearance 
* Whitlam sacking 
* 9/11 john howard 
* Mining and divination
* Murdoch Media Matrix 
* Australian  Digital TV as hypnoses 
* Canberra Fires  
* Occult Hollywood and OZ actors 
* Increased U.S. military activity and the plan....

Through the Eyes of the Child is an eye opener, presented in an easy to understand fashion, with an entertaining mix of
video, sound, comedy, pop culture and spoken word, that will leave you completely inspired to find the truth for yourself!

Due to popular demand and participant requests, the highly interesting workshop will continue on

Date TBA 2012
Time:   6.30pm to 10.30pm
Venue: Southport State High School 
            Discovery Centre
            Brooke Avenue
            Southport Qld 4215
Cost:   $15.00 per single, per week
           $20.00 per couple, per week
Each evening is a stand alone presentation and can be viewed individually.

THIS EVENT WILL BOOK OUT!   To ensure you don't miss it book now

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